Meet Our Team



Kristy is our "lead mare" and founder of HeartStrides. She is a PATH International certified riding instructor, a certified peer counselor, certified recovery coach and lead clinician for our programs, as well as the facility and herd manager. She is a huge advocate for recovery support in our community.



Chelsea is an instructor in training and certified peer counselor who has been with us at Healing Hearts Ranch since the age of 13. She began by taking lessons with Kristy and volunteering for HeartStrides, where she discovered a life long passion for working with kids with autism. While working with Kristy and the horses, she also learned the importance of boundaries, partnership, and mutual respect in interpersonal relationships. Chelsea became a certified peer after recognizing how much trauma, mental illness, and substance use had affected her life, growing up. She hopes to inspire personal growth and recovery in other youth by sharing her own story.  



Hanna is our administrative assistant, program manager, instructor-in-training and a certified peer counselor. She was born and raised in Thurston County and has been with HeartStrides since 2017 after she returned to the area upon completing her MA. Though her background is in data analysis and corrections, her goal was to find a way to incorporate her love of horses with helping her community because she knew the profound impact they had on her own life and wanted to bring those life lessons to others.  As a certified peer and a veteran’s spouse with her own history of mental health challenges and trauma, she hopes to inspire healing and recovery in veterans, active duty military personnel, families and youth.  



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