Equine Assisted Youth Peer Support

"I liked working with the horses because I always felt better after the sessions no matter what kind of day I had." 

 "I benefited from working with the horses because they helped me navigate through emotions and the sessions gave me tools to deal with life's curveballs, struggles and relationships." 

 "I think youth at risk should keep doing this because it can be a life-changing program and great way to vent. Not only that, it would help more teens cut down on drug use and instead of choosing drugs they learn how to deal/overcome their 'demons'." 

Operation THRIVE Warrior Horsemanship

"Thank you so much for this life-changing event. From the bottom of my heart! You gave me this opportunity to make a difference in my life. I pray they (Operation THRIVE) can find the funding to continue this event and help many more vets."  

"For someone who originally thought they are a relaxed person, or a calm person, this program really resets your mind and body rhythm to better appreciate things that impact you. Please keep going!" 


"Really a great opportunity for someone who struggles with anxiety and depression. Thank you so much!"  

"Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into others who need it - I had a very emotional and much needed weekend get-away. So happy I decided to come!" 

"Having PTSD, depression, this clinic has helped me overcome some of my anxieties and being able to communicate with people." 

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. My heart needed this." 

Warrior Horsemanship: The Next Mission

Info coming soon.